Showtime-Jacobs vs. Quillin Poster

James_Porto_Showtime_Jacobs_v_Quillin_PosterWhat a thrilling assignment from Showtime! The challenge was to create a photorealistic composite of Daniel Jacobs and Peter Quillin portrayed as giants battling high above downtown Brooklyn. Billed as the Battle for Brooklyn, these two warriors are poised for a legendary face-off to settle the score once and for all. Capturing the background was accomplished with a helicopter charter at sunset  over the East River and the contenders were photographed in a makeshift studio in the Times Square Millennium Hotel. I am deeply grateful to Showtime and creative director Ethan Callender for calling me in for this exciting and satisfying project.

Meeting and photographing these two athletes was humbling and inspiring; both of them overcame incredible odds to arrive at this moment where they are competing for the title of Middleweight World Champion. Follow the links on each of their names above to hear their personal stories and you will see what I mean. This fight is not to be missed! Catch it on Showtime at 9pm this Saturday Dec. 5.

Here is the billboard version and a few behind-the-scenes shots from the copter ride. Seated to my left is my good friend Marc Bryan-Brown who so generously came along for the ride as second camera.


James_Porto_Showtime_Jacobs-Quillin-Urban-Panel James_Porto_Showtime_Jacobs_v_Quillin_Copter1James_Porto_Showtime_Jacobs_v_Quillin_Copter2