Chick-Fil-A Calendar 2011

Making the 2011 Chick-fil-A calendar “The Cows of Reality TV”* was an enormous campaign in this, our third calendar project for this client. Weeks of pre-production preceded a month of shooting on sets and locations in the United States—location shoots on an antique coast guard vessel on the Hudson River on the coldest day of the year, for instance—and horse-backing it through Costa Rica to capture 55,000 total images that were distilled for the final illustrations.

The resulting calendar, after a month of post-production, features 13 photo illustrations situating our bovine heroes in various TV reality show scenarios.  The defining feature of the Chick-fil-A calendar has always been humor. Chick-fil-A, a chicken fast food chain with a worldwide annual revenue stream of nearly $4 billion, years ago anointed cows as stars of their advertising campaigns. Cows desperately try to wean the world off burgers. “Eat more chicken!” they scream.

all images ©James Porto 2011