Chick-Fil-A Calendar 2008

The 2008 Chick Fil A calendar, our second for this client, was a rollicking adventure in bovine music making. The challenge was to portray our cow heroes as one hit wonder musicians in a variety of genres. As usual it was a full month of pre production, 4 weeks of shooting on elaborate sets and on location in New York City, then a full two months of post production that was done in house.A total of 39,000 images was distilled into the final 13 calendar images. It’s such a great project, almost like a film production with the number of shots and the level of detail that goes into creating each illusion.

The defining feature of our Chick-fil-A calendars has always been the humor. Chick-fil-A, a chicken fast food chain with a worldwide annual revenue stream of nearly $4 billion, years ago anointed cows as stars of their advertising campaigns. Cows desperately try to wean the world off burgers. “Eat more chicken!” they scream.

all images ©James Porto 2011