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Wired Magazine Documentary on Red Bull TV

james_porto_red_bull_ripple_effect_wired_documentary Red Bull TV just released a short documentary about the improbable creation of Wired Magazine by four unlikely individuals, Louis Rossetto, Jane Metcalfe, John Plunkett and Barbara Kuhr. As Red Bull TV states,  “A group of prophetic technophiles fuse art, design, and technology to become the mouthpiece of the digital revolution. Wired Magazine rides the bleeding edge of new age media and transforms scientists and nerds into the new rockstars.” I was a frequent contributor to Wired in those early years and was thrilled that they included me in the documentary for a few seconds and also featured some of our best collaborations. See it here. I appear at 1:23 and 11:00. The mini-doc is from a Red Bull series called, The Ripple Effect, which takes its title from the following definition, “Like a proverbial pebble dropped in a pond, some individuals have an influence so profound it ripples across oceans and through time”.

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James Porto-CNN interview about Burning Man

james_porto_cnn_burning_man_08Through a random series of events, namely, commenting on a post on White Ocean’s facebook page which detailed the vandalism they suffered while at Burning Man this year, CNN International reached out to request an interview. They read that I was a veteran burner and apparently that was the only qualification they needed. I agreed and appeared on Richard Quest’s show, Quest Means Business. You can view the short clip here and it includes some of my Burning Man images; it was a blast to be on live TV.

The issue was that White Ocean camp, who gift a massive sound system and incredible lineup of DJ’s had their camp vandalized at this year’s Burning Man. My position is that this type of behavior goes against all the Ten Principles around which the entire event is organized and has no place in magical Black Rock City. Many burners complain that White Ocean is aloof and exclusive however that is a completely separate issue and they do not deserve to have their camp vandalized on account of these complaints.

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